KRL chats to WANARB

We’ve been big fans of KRL for a while now, from first hearing his fantastic remix of J Phlip’s Fever, to his unbelievably amazing mixtape for Corsica Studios night Tief (also another WANARB favourite). His remix of Autodeep – Gonna Make you Mine was stuck in our head for months upon end. We’ve finally managed to pin down the elusive and enigmatic man down for a chat and what better time for it, as Tief takes over Room 2 at Fabric for the bank holiday edition of regular Sunday night WetYourSelf

KRL is a fairly enigmatic name. Does it stand for your initials or is it conscious decision to remain a bit mysterious?

Kenny Rhubarb Loggins. 

Seeing as how you used to DJ hip hop, you must have a pretty extensive collection- what’s your pride and joy?

I don’t have any crazy rare records that I’m super precious about on their own, but I love the whole collection for the memories they bring back.  It was a great time in my life, 17-21.  I remember where I bought most of them, playing them out every week to the regular crowds and listening to them in the various flats I’ve lived in.  It’s making me all nostalgic! I’m more precious about my soul records. I’m very fond of my Donny Hathaway Extension Of A Man gatefold. Its not rare, but its has memories.

How did you make the switch to DJing and producing house? It seems to be quite the move to make with even Snoop Dogg making house mixes these days!

For me, it definitely wasn’t a switch, more of a slow-grow.  I used to hate house music (or whatever I thought house was).  It started with the hip hop scene (mid ‘90s – early ‘00s hip hop for me) drying up I suppose… so I was open to new music and exploring something else.  The penny dropped when I was at a summer festival at the Rizla stage, chugging to slo mo house like the Mark E – Baby I’m Scared Edit.  That was a cross between the soul that I already loved, and a new avenue of dance music.  I came back from that weekend thinking I’d have a go at making some. Recession Beat came out of it and I never looked back.  Playing out hip hop was incredible at times, but as the scene changed, people would only dance to jiggy hi phop/r’n’b shit which was never my thing. With house music people dance. They dance all night and morning.  That’s what clubs were made for.  Dance music is a communal experience and being in control of that journey is great fun.

Womack & Womack – Baby I’m Scared Of You (Mark E edit)

I find it pretty strange how 4/4 dance music has had such a resurgence in pop music. I think a whole new generation, such as myself are discovering it – and there is a backlog of 30 years worth of music to discover!

You’ve had remixes released on Pets Recordings, Dikso and Your Mama’s Friend but your real home seems to be Wolf Music. What is it about this label that you have such an affinity with?

Wolf Music has been my home since day one. Firstly, it’s likely I wouldn’t have released any house music if my friends had not set the label up. Matt Neale called me up one afternoon explaining the idea behind the label and asked if I had any suitable tracks. The main affinity with the label is that we are all friends who believe in the same thing- putting out/making dance music that we would like to hear and play ourselvesMatt and Stu are great curators, so the quality is kept the highest.

Who is getting you most excited about house music so far this year?

I keep coming back to Axel Boman. He brings a fresh approach to each track he does and isn’t afraid to go off piste down the electronic route. Honestly though, call me blinkered, but label mates Greymatter and Medlar get better with ever track.  They each have an EP on Wolf this year, both of which are fire power. That’s exciting for me.

You recently played in Tallinn. What’s the house scene like in Estonia?

Tallin was great fun. The hospitality and warmth was incredible there. It has a small but devoted house scene, and they can party hard! I made some good friends there and hope to go back soon. Highly recommended.

You’ve played Tief quite a few times now… What makes it such a good night to keep coming back to?

The Tief crowd is always rowdy. Always packed and ready to go off. In my opinion they have the best lineups in London at the moment, for house music, and the crowds keep returning. Corsica Studios is a good venue too – I usually play Room 2, which is a fairly intimate size and has a wicked sound system that is a pleasure to play on.

WetYourSelf in Room 1 is a pretty well established Sunday night party and having Trentemøller headlining is a big boon. Do you have any tricks up your sleeve to entice clubbers into the smaller room?

I can’t wait for that one.  I’m in Room 2 and get a good crack of the whip with a three hour set, so am just looking forward getting stuck in to be honest. I’ve got lots of Wolf exclusives and new remixes to play too, so there will be lots of fresh material to air.

Is there any track you’ve really wanted to sample but haven’t been able to for legal or logistical reasons? And what is one track you’re really pleased to have sampled?

I don’t have any rules when it comes to sampling.  If I like the sound of it, it’s going in. Generally they are older tracks though, so I see it as extending their life, and hopefully exposing people to the sampled artists (if they can hunt down the original!). Sampling is a lot of fun, and whole genres have been built on it. I wont let the cat out of the bag online, but Decay was fun to make. And Machine Code. The originals are slow so there was lots of surgery needed.

And finally, what would you do in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

Sawn off shotgun and a Segway. Blam them shits.

KRL plays the Tief takeover in Room 2 of Fabric for WetYourSelf’s Bank Holiday Special on Sunday 3rd June with Trentemøller headlining Room 1 and KiNK (live) headlining Room 2.

Rachael Williams



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