When WANARB Met: Zombie Disco Squad

Zombie Disco Squad chats to WANARB

“Zombie” seems to be the word on everyone’s lips this week, whether it’s the global news discussing the shocking events in Florida; or the music press discussing Nat Self aka Zombie Disco Squad’s latest album Brains. Released this Monday past on Made To Play; its coincidental timing certainly catches society obsessing madly over flesh-eaters.

Here at We Are Not A Rockband we like to keep things simple and have combined the two topics for you and taken advantage of the fact he’s playing at this weekend’s SOS Jubilee Sunday Warehouse party and had a chat with Zombie Disco Squad about that… and zombies. And brains. And his new album Brains. See, simple?

With the news reporting a naked man eating another man’s face over in Miami… do you think it is a sign of the impending zombie apocalypse?

It’s coming. No doubt. Run for the hills!

Your new album Brains, features lots of samples, some of which are quite familiar. Were there any samples you wanted to use but couldn’t?

Not really, I was quite lucky on this one I guess. I sampled my little heart out.

How did you hook up with Omar and DJ Funk for the tracks they guest on?

Omar has been my favourite singer for ages and I really wanted him for it. He isn’t used to working on such long tracks so took a bit of work – but I’m really pleased at how it came out.  In terms of hooking up with both of them luckily it was just a matter of reaching out to them with the ideas.

Your headlining Room 1 of SOS’s Jubilee Warehouse Party this weekend and the line-up for that particular room is pretty sweet! Who else are you looking forward to seeing?

I haven’t seen Shadow Child before so I’m really looking forward to that- and pretty much everything Warboy does is amazing so I’m sure it will be jam packed with people I fall in love with.

Can we expect to hear quite a bit of the album at SOS and what else will be lurking in your record bag for the set?

I will be playing almost all of the album at SOS along with a mix of all things house  (and maybe a bit of techno).

Will you venture into any of the other rooms? Maybe Sink The Pink or the pop-up cinema?

I plan to run around like an over excited child drinking in as much as possible.

What’s the weirdest party you’ve ever played?

I once attended the leader of the Russian National Front’s wedding reception and then played a very odd club in Moscow some time ago. 

If you were playing in an exotic country and your hosts tried to serve you brains as a delicacy, would you try it out of courtesy? If not, how would you convey to them you weren’t down with that?

I have actually eaten brains – I was a chef for a few years. I don’t really like them – but I would for sure have a polite nibble.

The album launch party for Brains in Berlin has a eye-wateringly good lineup with Robert Owens, WiLDKATS and Adana Twins. Did you put together a wish list and just get all your picks? It looks that way!

Again I got mega lucky – that’s pretty much exactly as it happened! I can’t wait! [click here for the Facebook event]

And finally, this question is asked to everyone and has clearly been waiting for you…. What would you do in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

Have a nap.

Zombie Disco Squad plays Room 1 of SOS in London this Sunday 3rd June from 10:30pm – 6:30am with Shadow Child, Andy Blake, Warboy and Joe Robots. There are also rooms hosted by Hyperlink and Sink The Pink plus there’s a pop-up cinema

Rachael Williams



2 Responses to “When WANARB Met: Zombie Disco Squad”

  1. Knockturnal Says:

    Great interview Rachael!

  2. rachaelwilliams Says:

    Is that just down to the sheer number of zombie references I managed to get in though haha?

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