When WANARB Met: Tiefschwarz


German brothers Basti And Ali have, for almost 15 years, been better known to the world by their joint producing and DJing name Tiefschwarz. With a career spanning so many shifts in dance music, their pair have ably adapted and been at the forefront of deep house and techno with a longevity that most current producers can only dream of.

One half of the duo, Ali, comes to London this weekend to play a DJ set on Saturday 23rd June at Select*Elect alongside ReSolute acts Elon, Alexi Delano and Connie. And we’ve managed to snag a pair of tickets to give away to one lucky winner for the night! The first person to email us at admin@wearenotarockband.com with the subject line “I heart Tiefschwarz and Select*Elect please please I need that guestlist!” will win the tickets. Only the successful applicant will be contacted.

Ali, being the kind sir he is, managed to answer a few of our burning questions ahead of the night…

There aren’t many DJ/production duos who are brothers. What’s it like producing, DJing and travelling around the world together? Do you have many disagreements, and do you think being family has been a contributing factor to your success?

As we’re still doing it after all these years, it’s not so bad! Of course we have some issues but we always try to deal with them in a constructive way, we’re human beings not robots. Our family has always been our biggest fans and supporters, which helped a lot.

You’ve been producers since ’97 (15 years for the mathematically challenged), talk us through your journey through genres – right from the beginning up until present day? 

It’s all based around the classic four to the floor house music pattern. From the deeper end of the spectrum all the way to more techno sounds, vocal to electro-ey sounds, we’ve tried to touch all the house genres throughout our career.

How did you get into music when you were young, and how did you end up producing dance music? 

Through our parents who loved to throw parties and dance, then after that through friends as we both started going out pretty early and were heavily influenced by club music. In the earlier days it was more new wave for me (Ali) and rockier sounds for Basti.

What’s been your favourite or most memorable moment as producers and DJs in the last 15 years? 

It’s hard to name just one! I guess the success of our remix for Spektrum as it was a true breakthrough moment in terms of international reach.

Do you ever plan on retiring?


Moving on to the present: what excites you most about today’s scene – and where do you see it moving to in the next couple of years? 

The music itself has become so rich and diverse that there are several niches of electronic music that can successfully co-exist with each other; the techno side of things with people like CLR or the Berghain residents and then on the other side the success of Jamie Jones and Soul Clap and in between so many others! And they can all manage to hold a massive following.

What producers excite you most at the moment, and who would you recommend to our readers to check out? 

So many! I really like the techier side of Re-up’s productions as well as the very rich skills of people like Pillow Talk, Amirali and Art Department.

What can we expect from your DJ set at Select*Elect?

A journey into sound.

Select*Elect Tiefschwarz Flyer

Who on the bill are you most looking forward to seeing?

Elon and Alexi going back to back.

What’s next for Tiefschwarz?  

Releasing two new singles on Souvenir, ‘No Message’ feat Argenis Brito and a rerelease of our single ‘Hurricane’ with an exciting new remix package.

…and finally, it’s time for our obligatory Zombie question: 

You’re trapped inside your house. Zombies have surrounded it and there’s not much time left until they find a way in. Your only hope is the knowledge that certain tunes make their heads explode. You have every tune you’ve ever played out in a club at your disposal, but you only have time to play one. Which one would you play to save yourself? 

Thriller by Michael Jackson?

Ali from Tiefschwarz plays a DJ set at Select*Elect’s ReSolute night this Saturday 23rd June with Elon and Alexi Delano b2b and Connie from 11pm – 7am at a secret London location. To buy tickets visit Resident Advisor and for further info and guestlist email selectelectlondon@gmail.com

Matt Montagano & Rachael Williams



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