Weekend Spotlight: Dance Tunnel

Every now and again something truly awesome comes along and deserves some special attention, and this weekend the lovely people over at London’s latest debauched dance haven, Dance Tunnel, have a blinder in store for us!

Are you ready?

Kicking things of on Friday night!

Detroit Swindle

Their Detroit inspired deep house productions are best described as contemporary interpretations of classic soul tracks with melodical grooves, jazzy chords and bumpy basslines. If Marvin Gaye made house music, they would have been his biggest fans.

Here’s a preview of their latest EP:

Zoo Look 

The UK based trio bring their sultry smooth house sound to the table hot off finishing their latest EP ‘Over Me ‘ on Swiss label Morris Audio.. and oh you are in for a treat:

If you are still up for it Saturday night’s contenders are:

Rub N Tug 

The NYC based DJ and production duo of Eric Duncan and Thomas Bullock are back for a long awaited extended set bringing their reputation for wild parties with them!

C111 Eric ‘Dunks’ Duncan (Rub ‘n’ Tug) Mix by Coggles on Mixcloud

Supporting the Duo will be a crack team of residents brought together from The  Pool Agency; The Pool Dj’s

Well that’s the skinny on this weekend go out there and enjoy yourselves!



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