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Weekend Spotlight: Dance Tunnel

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Every now and again something truly awesome comes along and deserves some special attention, and this weekend the lovely people over at London’s latest debauched dance haven, Dance Tunnel, have a blinder in store for us!

Are you ready?

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Welcome To The Weekend – London 28/2-3/3

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Hello Sports fans and Welcome to the Weekend! Your one stop shop to the wondrous things a happening this weekend. I hope you brought your dancing shoes! It may be getting cold and grey here in London, but these events are sure to keep things interesting.

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Voice Of Dru

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Doctor Dru on Exploited Rec

Berlin based label Exploited Records have been slowly stock-piling disco edits for their ongoing series Black Jukebox, with Doctor Dru teaming up with the Adana Twins for Juicy Fruit on the first release and Dutch duo Homework having previously played with Midnight Star’s Midas Touch for their track 1986 on the second release.

Black Jukebox 03 sees Doctor Dru once again dipping his toes into disco. It’s no secret that here at We Are Not A Rockband we have a soft-spot for a bit of italo disco. And Q – Voice Of Q is a certainly one of the true classics of the era (despite not actually being Italian). So you can imagine our delight with this beefed up new version, aptly named Voice Of Dru. Whilst the original is the type of track you’d place early on in your set, this you could play out late to the delight of everyone dancing.

The second track from this latest Black Jukebox comes from Bukka & Molinari. Bonus points to those who can spot the sample straight away.
Black Jukebox 03 is out now on Exploited Records.
Rachael Williams

MAM Reminder

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You may have missed it at the time, but back in October Soul Clap posted a free EP on their blog by an artist called MAM. No big fuss was made at the time, so it would have been easily enough passed you by. Since then, however, we bet you’ve definitely been hearing a lot of MAM, just without knowing who it is.

MAM is compromised of Miguel Campbell and partner in crime Matt Hughes. All three of their free tracks have since been staples in many a house and disco-infused mix or podcast. And the good news? THEY’RE STILL FREE. Have a listen and you’re sure to recognise at least one. Sunday treats for you all. Head over to Soul Clap’s blog to download all three tracks for free (or buy them if you wish to support the artist).

MAM- Can’t Live Without Music

MAM- One Of Those Nights

MAM- Reel Sweet

It’s a perfect time to remember MAM, or indeed, discover them and wonder how the fuck you missed them before, as their new EP, Modern Heat, is due out on Fina Records on Monday 30th January. Have a listen to this little gem from it and know that these are boys are due big things under the MAM name.

MAM- Sunset Funk

Rachael Williams



Deja vu courtesy of Lindstrøm’s De Javu

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Lindstrøm - Six Cups Of RebelYesterday was made significantly better by the announcement from Lindstrøm that he’ll be putting his new album out on February 6th. It’s going to be called Six Cups Of Rebel and it’s out on Norwegian independent Smalltown Supersound, also home to excellentness from Bjorn Tøske, Annie, Arp and Diskjokke amongst others. As a teaser / precursor to the album, they have given up this totally amazing slice De Javu for stream or download. By the sounds of this, the album is going to be mixed, the tracks segueing together rather than being separated. That would play nicely along with the long, proggy, orchestral soundtrack sound that this first taste has… Which isn’t to say he’s lost his groove. Oh HELL no. Along with the epic brass, you’ve got epic BASS. Like an acid car chase out of the city into the desert, where an ancient Native American Indian ceremony is reaching its apex, all scored by Claudio Simonetti and John Williams. Come on!

Get it here:
 Lindstrøm – De Javu

Full tracklisting for  Six Cups of rebel:

1. No Release
2. De Javu
3. Magik
4. Quiet Place to Live
5. Call Me Anytime
6. Six Cups of Rebel
7. Hina

This’ll be Hans-Peter Lindstrøm’s first album since 2009’s totally amazing Here Is No Cool, a record he made with vocalist Christabelle. Below, as a little bonus, is one of the stand-out tracks from that album, the super slo-mo Lovesick.

 Lindstrøm & Christabelle – Lovesick




When WANARB Met: Jay Shepheard

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Jay ShepheardSome people think New Years Eve is the best night of the year. But those people are probably wrong. Because the correct answer is actually Halloween. Party-goers make a massive effort with their costumes, and promoters with the nights they put on. Potty Mouth is no exception, having pulled out all the stops and laid on a monster line-up. Agaric: BOOM. Jay Shepheard: BOOM. Martin Dawson: BOOM. Clive Henry: BOOM. Danny Daze: DOUBLE-BOOM! They’ve also decided to have it on the Halloween Friday, meaning that you’re likely to start as you mean to go and carry on throughout the weekend in a heightened state of utter debauchery. To see if any of us will make it out alive we caught up with Jay Shepheard to give us the lowdown…
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Black Strobe – Italian Fireflies (Richy Ahmed and Corey Baker re-edit)

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Way back 2003, Blackstrobe were part of a small movement of people who were creating raw, ‘post-apocalyptic electronic music’. At the time, house music was going off the boil – filtered French house was old news, hard house was all raved out, and funky house was, well, funky house. This underground movement known as ‘electro’ made house music cool to play in clubs once again.

Unsurprisingly, the French scene had a large hand in its growth, and Black Strobe, founded in 1997 by Arnaud Rebotini and Ivan Smagghe, were at the forefront of it. They were churning out electro monsters such as “Innerstring”, “Me And Madonna”, “Chemical Sweet Girl” and “Italian Fireflies”, paving the way for the legends such as Justice, SebastiAn, Mehdi, MSTRKRFT, Digitalism, Fake Blood, Tiga etc. etc. to blossom.

ANYWAY – there’s actually a reason why I’m waxing lyrical about Black Strobe: Richy Ahmed and Corey Baker have brought Italian Fireflies back to life with an ACE, deep disco re-edit. I can’t get enough of this track.

Black StrobeItalian Fireflies (Richy Ahmed and Corey Baker re-edit) 

And for nostalgia – here’s the original. All time classic.

Black StrobeItalian Fireflies