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Infinity Ink’s Hot Natured Galatic Radio Mix

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Infinity Ink's Hot Natured NYD mix

Those who were lucky enough to get a ticket to Hot Natured’s sold out New Year’s Day party (or paid through the nose to get a resold ticket) might have been canny enough to pick up the free Hot Natured Galatic Radio Mix CD that was being handed out to clubbers leaving the venue.

This particular mix is by Infinity Ink, the new project from frequent collaborators Luca C and Ali Love. With only one release of note, Games on Hot Creations, this should go a long way to help raise their profile. With tracks from Puente & Rosch, Green Velvet, a smattering of their own music and a dollop of pop song remixes, it’s certainly worth a listen.

And now that a few months have passed, Jamie Jones has popped the entire mix up on his Soundcloud for everyone else to download and enjoy!

Infinity Ink – Hot Natured Galactic Radio Transmissions Part 3 [Download here]

Rachael Williams



Competition: Win Tickets To See WiLDKATS

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Data Transmission flyer

Our pals over at Data Transmission have kindly given us two pairs of tickets to give away to some lucky readers to see WiLDKATS, Alexis Raphael, Waze & Odyssey and more at the next DT party at East Village in Shoreditch on Saturday 3rd March.

All you have to do is answer this simple question:

What famous song intro does ‘Perpetrating’ by WiLDKATS sample?

A. Tupac – California Love

B. N.W.A – Express Yourself

C. Snoop Dogg – Gin & Juice

Just email your answer to info@wearenotarockband.comwith ‘Data Transmission Competition’ in the subject line. Closing date for the entries is Thursday 1st March @12pm. Winners will be picked at random and notified by email.

WiLDKATS –  Perpetrating (snippet)

The whole night looks pretty great, as the DT guys tell us,

Causing rumblings in the basement for us are emerging deep house luminaries WiLDKATS, a three headed American-Scottish disco-synth crew, fusing 80s funk, deep and dubby basslines and NYC disco undertones in their riveting sets. Fellow Hot Creations label-mate and Creche resident Alexis Raphael will be further demonstrating his talents, spinning a unique blend of house, disco and techno.

Supporting these two delvers are shadowy, elusive duo Waze & Odyssey, fusing the sounds of future garage with house sensibilities and slow mo jams, while New Talent favourite and burgeoning two-step distorters CSY & Stripes are also on the bill to show you why they’ve got everyone from A Trak to Tittsworth in a tizz over their stepping, immediate and swelling sound. We also invite rising London name and dance music aficionado Charlie Tarr to warm up the plates for our tightly packed-in night.

Earlybird tickets are only £5 but will go up to £7 before the night and cost £10 on the door. Check the Facebook event for more info.




Review: Hot Natured New Year’s Day Party at Pulse

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hot natured logoRarely has a party been so eagerly anticipated as Hot Natured first ever London Party this New Year’s Day. With a scramble for tickets resulting in second-hand ones fetching £60 and more, leaving some smug, some out of pocket and some bitterly disappointed. It’s great to see the boys reap the benefits of their obvious talent and hard work, but such insane popularity brings obvious problems for the more discerning clubber. So any negativity surrounding the event are in no way a reflection on the Hot Natured crew themselves, as the main source of any upset was the crowd itself. It’s a perverse fact of the scene that mainstream success can bring dickheads in droves.

After feeling fairly ancient during Art Department a few weeks previous at Return To The Future, it became clear that Hot Natured would be more of the same. The youth of the Home Counties out in force. Fresh-faced, barely out of sixth-form children. Topshop cloned girls slathered in fake tan and reality-tv-star-style fake eyelashes grinding against shirtless chavs in a packed sweat-pit. Not normally my cup of tea but the music being spot-on helped to compensate.

The queue outside the venue was unreal but expected. Stretching down the road and around the corner with people complaining they had barely moved 10 meters in 45 minutes; some of whom were not the type that needed any encouragement towards agitation. Arriving inside around midnight we just caught the end of Miguel Campbell‘s set, which he predictably but happily finished off with his smash hit ‘Something Special’. We headed to the bar where a round of drinks (one rum and coke and 2 bottles of water) set us back a whopping £15. It was already fairly buzzing by this point and the thought of the sheer amount of people still in the queue was a slight point of concern.

Whilst Russ Yallop and Richy Ahmed both smashed it; it was clear everyone was extra-hyped for Maceo Plex. By 2am Pulse was packed and as man of the moment Maceo took to the decks, the whole place went wild. Busting out banger after banger, including the wonderful ‘Stay High Baby’, he would have undoubtedly had the whole place dancing their socks off had there been room to actually do so.

Again, whilst the lack of dancing room was a shame, it’s surely testament to the incredible rise in popularity these artists have all experienced this year. It’s always going to be tough going when you have a bill packed full of amazing acts and only a limited space. Thoughtfully the DJ booth was filmed and the footage of the gang having fun and swigging whisky was projected all around the club, both behind the bar and in the wonderfully decorated second room full of seats and the obligatory lit-up Hot Natured sign. In fact, despite being a total sweat-box, a lot of thought had clearly gone into the venue which is great as it was a last-minute change from the previously organised location of The Hub in Hackney Wick. Thought had even gone into the look of the main room which was full of, yep you guessed it, palm trees. The lazer light projection was out of this world (everyone loves a good lazer) and there was even an outdoor area with sofas to accomodate non-smokers needing to cool-down without passively smoking. In fact, the only downside to the venue was the unisex toilets. The last thing you want to see whilst weeing as a chavvy face leering over the top of the door at you (fyi this actually happened).

After seeing Art Department DJ, we were excited to see them perform live and were not disappointed. Kenny sang live over vocal tracks, creating a haunting sound with new track Touch Me Gently. Many ravers were singing along, eyes fluttering in ecstasy and the atmosphere was unbeatable.

By 4:30 it was time for Hot Natured themselves to come on and they played a fairly intense set, certainly more intense than any recent podcast or mix. Whether this is because they were expecting everyone to still be awake from last year, as one might expect from hardcore ravers that hit up a massive night on New Years Day, but the place was definitely thinning out by about 5am. Perhaps when you’re all in different dimensions it can be difficult to connect and some of the crowd just weren’t quite tuned into the atmosphere Jamie Jones and Lee Foss were trying to achieve.

All in all the night was good and bad in equal measures. I’m sure everyone present would without a doubt happily see any of the acts live again but in a smaller, more intimate venue with perhaps less youngsters. To give you an idea of the general attitude and age of the average person there I’ll leave you with this little overheard gem…. “Jamie Jones is 30! Can you imagine still doing all this at HIS AGE?!? He should be settled down with two kids by now.”

 Lee Foss – RA Podcast 291

Rachael Williams



When WANARB met: Ali Love

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London based Ali Love, has up until recently been known for a more disco sound with 2010’s album Love Harder drawing comparisons to Heartbreak and Cut Copy. This year however, has seen him ally himself with dance music’s big-guns: the Hot Creations crew headed up by Jamie Jones and Lee Foss. His latest project, Infinity Ink, with Luca C, has been getting notable attention with latest track Games appearing on mixes by anyone worth listening to, including both Maceo Plex and Art Department. Fitting then, that he should be performing a live PA this Friday 16th December at Return To The Future, sharing the bill with Hot Creations/Creche Alexis Raphael, Supplement Facts Bill Patrick and Art Department themselves. We caught up with him to chat about Infinity Ink, working with Jamie Jones, shooting David Guetta and ermm, turbans.

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Hot Creations Post-Summer Sampler Part 1

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Hot Creations 14

Some of us sit about lamenting the end of summer and some of us get on with shit. Lucky for us Hot Creations, Jamie Jones and Lee Foss’s record label, is in the latter camp. This 3 track EP due for release in just over week features brand new tracks from Bubba, M A N I K, and Infinity Inc, a new project from Ali Love and Luca C.


A1. Infinity Inc – Games
A2. M A N I K –  Body High
B1. Bubba – Dance With Me

The Infinity Inc track was featured on Art Department’s recent Essential Mix and M A N I K popped Body High on the superb Autobrennt podcast back in September so these tracks won’t be entirely unfamiliar to canny listeners. However, the Bubba track is a new one to me, so here you go, get your ears round this badboy.

Bubba – Dance With Me

Hot Creations Post Summer Sampler is released on Monday 21st November 2011.




Hot Natured Comes To London (finally)

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Hot Natured New Years Day partyConsidering Hot Natured (aka Jamie Jones and Lee Foss) view London as their hometown and even live here for a good proportion of the year; it comes as a bit of a shock to realise they’re never actually thrown a Hot Natured party here. So what’s the best way to remedy that? Throw a party on THE BEST day to party in London and pull together a lineup so sick people will consider selling their kidneys to come along. Yep. New Years Day. Robert James. Richy Ahmed. Miguel Campbell. Maceo Plex. Art Department. Hot Natured & Ali Love. Feeling a bit queasy that you only just heard about this? Tickets sold out in THREE DAYS. Don’t forget, we’re talking about a party that isn’t until next year. And the lineup hadn’t even been released by that point. That’s how high anticipation for it is.

All Londoners know some of the very best parties of the year happen on New Year’s Day and the best bit about this one is that it’s an evening party. Which means for once, we may all get some sleep before going out raving again (as opposed to just stumbling onto the next after-party). And, in all honesty, the promise of a “unique East London location” is pretty intriguing, as it would have been easy to assume we’d run out of them by now.

Anyhow, we’re not just taunting you with the promise of a good party only to yank it away from you. There will be more ticket released. KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED.




Danny Daze – Your Everything

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Every now and then a track comes along and manages to sum up everything about an entire genre or movement. Your Everything by Danny Daze, for me, is that track. The genre in question is hard to accurately define; it’s a hybrid of techno – cross pollinated by house and disco – which forms a low-slung, drugged out, yet easy-on-the-ear sound. It’s much more accessible than most other forms of techno/house/nu-disco, hence why it’s so massive on the party circuit at the moment.

Hot Creations (run by Jamie Jones, Lee Foss etc) is the label at the forefront of it, and their latest release is arguably their best to date – which is really saying something. Your Everything, by Miami based talent, Danny Daze gives us big drops which provide the payoff, sinister undertones that unleash the uncontrollable dancing moments, and positive lyrics which bring the accessibility. Wunderbar.

All year this song has been getting rinsed by the big guns (Troxler, Lazarus, Jones, Foss etc), and is widely regarded as one of the hottest tracks of the summer. It was certainly the most notable tune out in Miami over Easter. Danny Daze is due to embark on a European tour very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Your Everything is out now and you can buy it here.

Danny Daze – Your Everything (Feat. Louisahhh)