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An Open Letter To Islington Borough Council

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fabric-club2Hello everybody. Been a long time, right? 3 years and 6 months since my last post, to be exact.  I wish I was posting about some epic tunes, or groundbreaking new acts – but sadly I’m not. The decision made by Islington Borough Council to revoke Fabric’s licence is the driving factor for bringing this blog back to life one more time.

Together with my mate Rae, we wrote an open letter to Islington Borough Council. We figured that, instead of wasting our energy bemoaning the decision on Facebook, it’s better to try doing something constructive about it.

We were inspired by Factmag, who published a post about seven things you can do to protest the club’s closure. It’s worth having a read.

Earlier today, we printed the below letter and sent to a bunch of MPs, Islington Borough Council, and Sadiq Kahn – and now we’ll spam the shit out of everyone on social platforms (apologies in advance). Please help by sharing it – or even better, writing your own.

We don’t hold out much hope, but at least we can say we tried.







Dear Islington Council,

We write to you following the news of your decision to revoke Fabric’s licence.

The writers of this letter represent a large community of people from around the world who are extremely upset to learn about this closure. This letter serves as only a tiny fraction of the support that the public are currently showing for this club.  

Like you, we’re professionals in our respective fields. We’re not kids, we’re not part of the music industry; we don’t even go to Fabric as much as we used to. But we’re asking you to reconsider your position on the closure of this venue. At the very least, please hear us out, and be pragmatic and objective in your approach to reading this letter…

Feelings of anger and frustration are resonating throughout the global music community right now, with questions around the true reason behind the shutdown of Fabric now being surfaced on mainstream media outlets.

This is because closing Fabric isn’t like closing any other club in your local borough. For the past 17 years, Fabric has played a role in shaping the world’s music scene. The genres it promoted are now a global phenomenon thanks to the legacy that this club helped to build.

For British dance music, there has been no other venue as influential as Fabric in the past two decades. Countless producers, musicians and DJs forged their careers there. There is no other place as important for young, aspiring British artists.

The UK has a unique musical landscape. No one does it quite like us; from drum and bass to garage, grime to dubstep – music is one of our key exports. But the scene that we should fight to preserve is being choked by the police and councils in London. The exodus of artists, musicians and normal working folk to more liberal cities like Berlin is already underway and, sadly, London is no longer the vibrant, diverse and loud city it used to be.

And so, just like Bagleys, Turnmills, Cable and many more – Fabric was next in line for the guillotine. But what has this closure achieved? Drugs are still dangerous and unregulated. People are still at risk of overdosing. This decision doesn’t solve the actual problem; it ignores it.

It’s important to make a clear distinction here – drugs were responsible for the tragic events this summer, not Fabric. But for whatever reason, you chose to blame Fabric instead.  We’re not going to postulate on the actual reason behind that – but we will say one thing:

You missed a big opportunity to do good for the community by taking this decision. You could have been brave and attempted to tackle the underlying issue of drug overdoses amongst young men and women. Instead, you made Fabric a scapegoat – and presumably, you’ll now turn your backs on the problem altogether.

If you really want to help this community, some difficult, progressive and ground-breaking decisions need to be made.

Drugs need regulating.

It will be a very challenging task – but it’s essential. People need to know what they’re consuming; they need to know it’s safe. Tester kits with potency warnings should be readily available. Medics should be on-hand to deal with emergencies. Flyers and posters should remind people of the risks of drug usage and carry warnings about specific batches of high-risk products available at the time.

Taking music away from people isn’t the right solution. You must be more forward-thinking in your approach. The Portuguese government is a prime example of a government who understands the need to be forward-thinking in today’s society. By legalising and therefore regulating drug usage, they stopped treating drug users like criminals.

Here’s a relevant statistic for you to review – the decline of drug-related deaths since 2001 (when Portugal reformed its drug laws):



Music is embedded in British culture. Don’t take that away from us. Help us enjoy music safely and responsibly; implement initiatives that drive awareness of the risks posed by drug consumption. You’ll never be able to stop people from taking drugs, no matter how many clubs you close – so instead, why don’t we work together to build the blueprint for future generations to enjoy themselves without risking their lives.

The implications of your actions go way beyond just closing a club. The lights are going out on nightclubs all over the capital but you can still do what’s right for the people of London.

Reconsider your decision. #savefabric

Welcome To The Weekend – London 28/2-3/3

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Hello Sports fans and Welcome to the Weekend! Your one stop shop to the wondrous things a happening this weekend. I hope you brought your dancing shoes! It may be getting cold and grey here in London, but these events are sure to keep things interesting.

Continue reading


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On Saturday 27th October Simian Mobile Disco & Wang Present Delicatessen featuring SMD’s last London live show of 2012 expect full stage show, modular analog synths working alongside a full lights extravaganza, this will be one of the highlights of Fire In Session series.

The main rom has been curated by SMD with a little help from WANG – This is a monster line up featuring the reformation of Rebuild Live Acid Jam AKA A Guy Called Gerald and Graham Massey (808 State) who perform their first show together since 2005. Automatic & Exit Records head honcho dBridge, Italo-legend Alexander Robotnick, the new-but-old-skool sound of Lone, Radioactive Man aka Keith Tenniswood Live, Deep house god Mark E, Basenji performing their world exclusive live show, Rush-Hour’s BNJMN Live , Turbo Records signing Matt Walsh and Wang resident Electro Elvis.

If that isn’t a line up then we don’t know what is and to repeat: this is your LAST TIME to catch the sonic mind-bend that is Simian Mobile Disco Live in London this year alongside a line up of epic promotions. Check out the interview with SMD below then head over here to snap up the last remaining tickets!


Fire : In Session

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Fire : In Session is an exciting new high profile series of events set to hit London Town next month, a ‘Warehouse Project’ for the South if you will, taking place in the many archways that make up Vauxhall Super Club – Fire. Launching September 15th and featuring events hosted by leadings brands; Bedrock, Bugged Out, RWD Magazine, Mixmag Live, Lost, Neon Noise Project, Kitsune Club Night & What Matters.

We’re very excited for what’s in store over the next few months and with even more events being announced soon, there’s gonna be plenty to get excited about! Line up details are after the jump, watch this space for more details…





DJ Mehdi is dead?

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Reports have started flying around Twitter claiming that DJ Medhi has passed away. This is still unconfirmed, but if this is the case then dance music has lost a true icon, one who will be sorely missed.

Born in France on 20/01/1977, DJ Mehdi was a major player in the French electro movement that became a steady part of the underground dance music scene in 2007/08. We hope that this sad news isn’t true… Once we hear more, we’ll update you.

Until then, take a listen to Joakim’s remix of Pocket Piano, one of DJ Mehdi’s biggest hits – and in my opinion, one of the best dance tracks of 2008.

DJ Mehdi – Pocket Piano (Joakim Remix)

Keep track of the latest online rumours bouncing around social media forums here.



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Just to let you guys know that tonight’s Raindance and SOCIETY party is 100% going ahead, and it’s going to be the party of the year!

There’s been rumours of clubs closing early but we’re completely unaffected by what happened earlier this week and we’re running through until 6am – we’re going to party for London and represent what this scene is all about –UNITY!

To those travelling in from outside London, there hasn’t been any repeat of trouble since Monday and Angel, the area we’re in, has been untouched anyway.
Don’t forget it’s cheaper to get tickets in advance – see you there from 10!


1 minute from Angel tube station – map here.x

Want something to listen to and get you in the mood? Well you’re in luck as we have not one, but two acid mixes made exclusively for tonights SOCIETY by rising stars; Rattus Rattus and the Wifey DJs.

Rattus Rattus – Into the Acid House

Wifey DJs – Society Mix Aug ’11 [Download]



R.I.P Robert Wilson

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This week the world lost a funk legend in Robert Wilson (Age 53) of The Gap Band

You will know this band’s music, whether it be through your parents, Grand Theft Auto or perhaps the one where you sat on the floor as if you were in a really long boat and slapped the dirty dancefloor whilst shuffling closer to the boy / girl in front … at least that’s my memory of Friday nights as a youngster!

What a guy. Have a drink in his honour whilst ‘rowing the boat’ >>>


The Gap Band – Oops Upside Your Head

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