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Weekend Spotlight: Dance Tunnel

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Every now and again something truly awesome comes along and deserves some special attention, and this weekend the lovely people over at London’s latest debauched dance haven, Dance Tunnel, have a blinder in store for us!

Are you ready?

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Free Download: Sixth Avenue Express

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Sixth Avenue Express is steadily building a strong repertoire of top-quality productions – and most of them are free to download. All of his tracks are nu-disco pitched around the 90-110 bpm mark, and I must say I’ve developed a bit of an unhealthy obsession with ‘The Shame’ (second track below) – the moody / melancholic vibes are infectious!

Both tracks here are free to download, and if you want more freebies, head to his Facebook page.

Monitor 66 Triscuits (Sixth Avenue Express Lounge Remix)

Sixth Avenue Express – The Shame


Voice Of Dru

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Doctor Dru on Exploited Rec

Berlin based label Exploited Records have been slowly stock-piling disco edits for their ongoing series Black Jukebox, with Doctor Dru teaming up with the Adana Twins for Juicy Fruit on the first release and Dutch duo Homework having previously played with Midnight Star’s Midas Touch for their track 1986 on the second release.

Black Jukebox 03 sees Doctor Dru once again dipping his toes into disco. It’s no secret that here at We Are Not A Rockband we have a soft-spot for a bit of italo disco. And Q – Voice Of Q is a certainly one of the true classics of the era (despite not actually being Italian). So you can imagine our delight with this beefed up new version, aptly named Voice Of Dru. Whilst the original is the type of track you’d place early on in your set, this you could play out late to the delight of everyone dancing.

The second track from this latest Black Jukebox comes from Bukka & Molinari. Bonus points to those who can spot the sample straight away.
Black Jukebox 03 is out now on Exploited Records.
Rachael Williams

MAM Reminder

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You may have missed it at the time, but back in October Soul Clap posted a free EP on their blog by an artist called MAM. No big fuss was made at the time, so it would have been easily enough passed you by. Since then, however, we bet you’ve definitely been hearing a lot of MAM, just without knowing who it is.

MAM is compromised of Miguel Campbell and partner in crime Matt Hughes. All three of their free tracks have since been staples in many a house and disco-infused mix or podcast. And the good news? THEY’RE STILL FREE. Have a listen and you’re sure to recognise at least one. Sunday treats for you all. Head over to Soul Clap’s blog to download all three tracks for free (or buy them if you wish to support the artist).

MAM- Can’t Live Without Music

MAM- One Of Those Nights

MAM- Reel Sweet

It’s a perfect time to remember MAM, or indeed, discover them and wonder how the fuck you missed them before, as their new EP, Modern Heat, is due out on Fina Records on Monday 30th January. Have a listen to this little gem from it and know that these are boys are due big things under the MAM name.

MAM- Sunset Funk

Rachael Williams



M A N I K plays Krankbrother party

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M A N I K djingThis Saturday sees NYC DJ and producer M A N I K play at the final summer Krankbrother’s party alongside Nick Curly in London. It was meant to be a secret daytime terrace party with sunshine, pimms, bbq, dancing and sick tunes but alas there was a license-revoking-based-incident and they’ve had to find a new venue. What they’ve replaced it with sounds pretty good though, with a “beautiful massive warehouse space and a large outdoor courtyard….. DJs inside and outside.” MANIK’s sound covers everything from house to disco to electro to funk and so seems perfectly suited to laid-back daytime partying. Imagine hot girls in sunglasses swaying to sunflecked beats and you’ve basically stepped inside my expectations for the weekend. Tickets have also sold out now but they will have 100 on the door so rock up at 2pm if you want in. You will have to keep checking the event page to find out where to actually go though.

*UPDATE* The address has been revealed as: 77-81, Scrubs Lane, Kensal Green, London, NW10 6QW.  Make sure you’re there early enough to grab a ticket on the door!

If this all sounds like major hassle, please know that it’ll be *totally* worth it. Simply get your ears round this recent Autobrennt podcast by M A N I K. Opening with Tensnake’s remix of Little Dragon’s Ritual Union feels a bit obvious, but then, as the remix of Tigerskin – Unreal Thing kicks in, it’s just one of those moments where a smile breaks out of your face and you want to start dancing. This whole podcast is jammed full of amazing remixes, from the Life & Death remix of No Regular Play’s track looking, to Will Saul’s remix of Foreign Language by Flight Facilities to Tensnake’s superb (yep, him again) reinterpretation of Runaway – Stories. With M A N I K’s own tracks, Homework and even Black Strobe’s Italian Fireflies all making appearances; it just doesn’t let up. Seriously, download this mix and tell me you won’t be at least considering how to blag your way into this party/front of the ticket queue.

M A N I K Autobrennt Podcast September 2011




Mighty Mouse’s Mighty Mixtape

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“We love disco because it is all about good music. There is madness and there is darkness, but on the outside it is beautiful. Make your own rules, that’s the Circus.”

Hmmm. Circuses aside, Mighty Mouse are building quite a head of steam for themselves at the moment, having drawn accolades from the many of the top guns of the scene. Here, they have come at us with a Summer-drenched, slightly African influenced Disco / nu-disco mix. Perfect for those sweltering days spent lazing around in the sun… (Now all we need is some sun)

Looking forward to hearing more from Mighty Mouse this year.

Mighty Mouse Mixtape (A Summer In Space) July 2010


Click here for the tracklist!

Exclusive Slaughterbrains mix

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Friend of the blog Slaughterbrains has made us an exclusive mixtape! He’ll be tearing up the decks at CAMP on Old Street tonight for the first ever Matters Of The Heart. Don’t be fooled, this isn’t emo, it’s a new series of irregular but soon to be sought after parties in and around London.

The dream team behind the night are Slaughterbrains and Cologne, and it’s these two that’ll be at the helm for the first party tonight. Cologne’s mixtape on the tumblr is obscenely good, and is definitely worth a download. Slaughterbrains has set blogs around the world alight in recent months with his reinterpretation of Dragonette, and with whispers of collaborations with some hotly tipped acts including brightlight brightlight for an upcoming EP you’re probably going to hear a lot more of him.

Actually, you can hear more now – here’s his exclusive WANARB mix. Compiled from bits of glitchy/grisly electro disco jerking bodyparts for your aural pleasure.

Slaughterbrains – Exclusive WANARB Mix

Kara Simsek



Track List