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Alpines and Maya Jane Coles cover Carly Simon

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Alpines and Maya Jane Coles - WhyCarly Simon isn’t one of those artists that you wouldn’t necessarily to admit to liking to but Why is an absolute ’80s classic. So it’s great that someone’s decided to remind of that fact. It’s just a bit of shame that this cover by Alpines and Maya Janes Coles kind of misses the mark somewhat. No matter though, because it gives us the opportunity to point out this isn’t the first time Miss Coles has got her mitts on Alpines beats, as she remixed their track Cocoon under her dubstep alias Nocturnal Sunshine way way back in July. And that *is* a blinder.

Alpines and Maya Jane Coles – Why

Alpines – Cocoon (Nocturnal Sunshine remix)





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20th March is a date you must keep free on your calendars and head down to Kinetic Kids at Hidden. Their first instalment brought saw the likes of Mowgli, Jakwob and Youngsta brace the decks. For their second instalment, the Kids will bring us 3 rooms of fine music and DJs. In room 1 curated by Osky himself, you will be seeing the most up and coming techno DJ in the UK, Tom Budden and the Bugged Out legend herself Jo Jo De Freq. If you’re not a fan of electro or techno,  Room 2 will be filled with wobbles and dubstep, curated by Alex Haddock, with the likes of The Others, Raffertie, Seven and up and coming artist Graphics, who we just recently blogged about. Room 3 will see the Kid’s residents brace the decks, with a wide range of genres and sub-genres of dance music.

If that’s not enough for you to get your dancing shoes on, Kinetic Kids have just announced that there will be an exclusive visual show from the bad boy of the VJ world, Alex Sedano (Nuke Them All!), in room 1. A special guest will also be announce in a few days! Stay tuned! PS. A Pecentage Of all tickets Sales Goes to The John Radcliffe Hospital in Support of Joe Robinson Early Birds £ 7.00 Advance £ 10.00 OTD £ 12.00 There’s only a few early early bird tickets left so get on it! Tickets are on the link below




Introducing Graphics

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Alfie MacGibbon aka Graphics, is an up and coming dubstep dj/producer hailing from oxford. We’re always looking for new producers who show potential in their music and this 17 year old boy definitely is! Graphics’ sounds are very unique, producing bass driven experimental dub tunes, with some very obvious electro sounds creeping through. He’s already stirring some hype up through blogs and is one to watch in 2010.

First up, we have Graphic’s remix of The XX’s track, one of my favourite dubstep tracks I’ve heard in a while He gives the song a completely new dimension, with hints of the original vocals and a very subtle wobble under the ambient sounds.

The XXShelter (Graphics Remix)

Next up is another one of Graphic’s remixes, another great track, however, a much more ‘wobble’ based track. Again with cut up vocals from the original.

Bat For LashesDaniel (Graphics Remix)

Last, but not least, we have one of his original productions for you.

GraphicsSpace Race

You can catch him playing at Kinetic Kids at Hidden on the 20th March, with the likes of Jojo De Freq, Tom Budden, The Others, Raffertie, Seven.

Get tickets here



Massive Attack – Breakage remix

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Massive attack release is always gonna be big news. On February 9th, they returned with a ‘massive’ new album after a seven year hiatus. The album is rocking, and as with all eagerly awaited albums – there are eagerly awaited remixes. This is Breakage‘s dubstep take on ‘Paradise’.

Massive Attack – Paradise (Breakage’s Tight Rope Remix)

You can stream all the remixes on their Facebook page just by becoming a fan.





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Some months ago, whilst trawling through the vastness of the interweb on the hunt for something new and exciting to wrap my ears around, I happened to stumble on the MySpace on a Guildford based Dubstep outfit called Coda. Having been instantly blown away by their tunes I decided to go and check out one of their shows only to discover that they aren’t just your run of the mill DJ/Producer combo but in fact are a full band!

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Crookers doing Dubstep? No way! Yes way!

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Wow even more dubstep! Not quite a jaw dropping ‘anonymous remix‘ like the ones from comrade 4thlevelzombie, this track is actually taken from Crooker’s next album, Tons of Friends, which sees them hook up with all their famous buddies to make their fantastic brand of fidget nothing sure of celebtacular.

In my eyes, Crookers are like the Elton John of dance music. I can’t explain this but I just get that feeling. Perhaps a better comparison is ‘Italy’s answer to David Guetta’ now they have a stream of famous names wanting to get in on their electro-action.

This is another track from the forthcoming album. Until now I had no idea this was Crookers!

No Security featuring Kelis is more dubstep than fidget which is an interesting departure from their usual hoover heavy cheese grater tracks. It’s nice to see Crookers doing something different, and it’s great to have Kelis back again, she’s as talented as she is hot and she is one hot tamale.

Crookers ft Kelis – No Security



Dubstep in the Dark

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Jesus! I thought I had my fill of Dubstep mixes this year, but as if posting the Aphex Twin Dubstep remix named Dublicker wasn’t enough, this little gem peeked over the horizon, then came running up and slapped me in the face out of nowhere. Again this remix is from an unknown producer (what is wrong with these dubstep folk, don’t they want any glory?).

Now this is how I like my dubstep, dark and dirty with menacing overtones like a mugging is about to take place. Unfortunately the track sort of falls apart at the end but the first three minutes are brutal without being groundbreaking. Having said that Proxy’s original wasn’t exactly a fluffy little kitten, so bastardising it with dubstep is just going to end in humiliation for your ears but its well worth the listen.

Proxys ‘Dancing in the Dark’ is an absolute killer tune which I would have loved to have heard live, especially after hearing the reaction from the crowd when it dropped at I Love Techno on this mixtape. So this remix is a right little treat.

And because we’re so nice we threw in the original for comparison without the download link, you can go and buy it when Proxy’s album gets released soon, cheapskate. As a bonus have a butchers at the Bloody Beetroots remix of ‘Who Are You’ which is out now.

Proxy Dancing in the Dark

ProxyDancing in the Dark (Unknown Dubstep Refix)

ProxyWho Are You (Bloody Beetroots Remix)

4th Level Zombie