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Welcome To The Weekend – London 28/2-3/3

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Hello Sports fans and Welcome to the Weekend! Your one stop shop to the wondrous things a happening this weekend. I hope you brought your dancing shoes! It may be getting cold and grey here in London, but these events are sure to keep things interesting.

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My Current Favs

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Spicy Stuffs!I was really looking forward to doing a followup to the Tribal post I did here a while back by maybe getting some exclusive stuff for you guys from DJs/Producers like Toyselectah, DJ Mouse, and DJ Custom – but of course they’re too busy to reply back right now!

In the mean time I’ve been busy trying to get some DJ gigs and playing at summer style parties these past weeks here in Texas. School is almost out (although I immediately go into summer school) so I’ll probably have more time to post random stuff like what I’m about to post!

These are some of the songs I’ve been playing at almost every party I’ve played at the past month – I hope you guys enjoy, most of them sound nothing alike (and in no way are these in any particular order)

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Green Velvet : Turn it UP!

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Oh yes, Green Velvet, AKA Curtis Jones,  AKA The Bass Line Daddy, AKA The Dude that makes records so  goddamn bouncy that you literally just want to bounce around in a bouncy fashion until your knee’s break from all the goddamn  bouncing, has done it again… Made me want to bounce with his ridiculously infectious ‘Turn it up ‘.

In typical Green Velvet  form, it’s jackin’ and bassline-heavy, just the way we like it. Featuring Chicago fidget house phenoms Santiago & Bushido ‘Turn it up’, will most definitely be getting ‘Cranked the Fuck Up’ across all the bouncy clubs nationwide. Yes. Now lets bounce!

Green Velvet featuring Santiago and Bushido – Turn it up

(Also check out the video, it’s pretty much my favorite thing at the moment. We love you Curtis Jones ♥)