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Welcome To The Weekend – London 28/2-3/3

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Hello Sports fans and Welcome to the Weekend! Your one stop shop to the wondrous things a happening this weekend. I hope you brought your dancing shoes! It may be getting cold and grey here in London, but these events are sure to keep things interesting.

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Killer new remixes

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I’ve been well and truly inundated with stuff this week, it’s been hard to know where to begin! My much documented house move has meant I’ve been seriously behind with the blogging but finally I’m getting there. Slowly. There’s been good news as a few great record labels have agreed to start sending us some of their promo’s for us to blog so I’m happy about that. We’re also proud to unveil a couple of new bloggers who’ll be applying their vast knowledge to We are not a rock band on a webpage near you very soon. Watch this space on both fronts…  

There’s so much going on in the music world at the moment, I can’t keep up! Is it me or does it seem like that every band/producer seems to be releasing albums soon? These two months are going to be very busy for us bloggers methinks!


Courtesy of

Courtesy of


Anyway, here are a few sizzling hot promo’s cos I’m such a caring sharing kinda guy…

You’ll be forgiven for not having heard of Kleerup. He was half of the act responsible for the number 1 hit single, ‘With Every Heartbeat’ by Robyn. But please don’t hold that against him. Expect to hear more from him in the months to come… Anyway – it’s all about the remix of this song. Joakim proves once again that he is capable of effortlessly churning out perfectly produced anthems. He is a fucking leg end. In fact, fuck it – I’m gonna post his remix of Mehdi’s ‘Pocket Piano’ too, just in case you needed any more proof that he is a god. 

Kleerup Longing for lullabies (Joakim remix)

DJ MehdiPocket Piano (Joakim mix)


Scary old Grace Jones released an album in December (I must say I knew nothing about it) and the new single, “William’s Blood” is actually really really good! It’s accompanied by two mixes, one by Aeroplane and one by Greg Wilson. I chose to put up the Aeroplane mix as it has a nice vocal bit in it, (and I’m loving Aeroplane at the mo) but I could have easily posted either mix or the original as they’re all good. 

Grace JonesWilliam’s Blood (Aeroplane Remix)


As promised in an earlier post, here’s the D.I.M. and Boys Noize remix of ‘Wrong’ by Depeche Mode. What do you reckon? This or Thin White Duke dub? I’ll go for the latter. 

Depeche ModeWrong (D.I.M. vs Boys Noize remix)