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10 tracks for no apparent reason

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Here’s a quick deluge of music to ease you through this recent bout of bi polar weather that we’re experiencing. Will it be sunny? Or will it be grey, wet and windy? Only time will tell, but while we wait here are 10 tracks that are rather pleasing to dance to.

Come on!

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Justin Martin – ‘Don’t Go / Ruff Stuff’

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Justin Martin’s new album is out on Dirtybird at the end of May and it has been causing quite a stir amongst the online community. So far, 5 songs have been made available to the general public; Lezgo, Ghettos and Gardens, Hood Rich and most recently – Don’t Go and Ruff Stuff.

The latest release sees Justin showing off his badass sound design abilities and his knack for producing unique sounding house music. In terms of mood, both tracks differ significantly from each other; Don’t Go is an mellow track with layered bass and vocals that sound distinctly like Lykke Li and Ruff Stuff leans towards the darker side of the spectrum, and is laced with the kind of quirkiness that has brought fame to Dirtybird over the years.

What strikes me the most though, is how finely produced both of these tracks are. Not since Mr. Oizo’s ‘Lambs Anger‘ album have I been so stunned by a producers’ sound design abilities. Hats off to Mr Martin.

Don’t Go / Ruff Stuff is out now, and you and buy it here.

Justin Martin – Don’t Go

Justin MartinRuff Stuff




When WANARB Met: French Fries

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French Fries plays London's dirtybird BBQ

This Saturday sees famed San Fran based record label dirtybird in town for the London leg of their Spring tour which sees them visiting city after city with a variety of artists from their stable. Our lucky lucky city has hit gold however as we’ve managed to blag the biggest line-up but a BBQ of Meatwagon no less.

Appearing will be core members of the dirtybird crew Claude Von Stroke, Justin Martin, J Phlip and Christian Martin under his new alias Leroy Peppers plus key acts like Eats Everything, Catz N Dogz, Breach and a whole load more. We caught up with one of the newest recruits, young Parisian whippersnapper French Fries who’s currently a name on a lot of lips thanks to the success of his ballroom hit Yo Vogue…

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When WANARB Met: Claude VonStroke

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We had the honour of meeting legendary American house producer Barclay Crenshaw AKA ‘Claude VonStroke’ ahead of his appearance at Gist in Chelmsford, 5th April. The dirtybird label boss talked about his weakness for being a perfectionist, how dubstep taught him a thing or two, and also what track he’d play to distract zombies from eating his brains.

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Dirtybird’s London BBQ

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Dirtybird's London BBQ

You’re probably wondering why we’re about to tell you all about a SOLD OUT event. It’s not because we’re mean and we want to rub your faces in it. Oh no, no siree. We’re here to tell you that you CAN still go to the ball… er we mean BBQ. We’ve done our research and found you a few ways you could still go! But first, let’s take a gander at that eye-wateringly magnificent line-up… Continue reading

Dirtybird At Fabric: Claude Von Stroke + Justin Martin + Eats Everything

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Dirtybird Claude Von StrokeWhatever your plans are for Saturday night you need to cancel them because they are paltry in comparison to what’s going down at Fabric. Claude Von Stroke has bagged himself Room 1 and has roped in Justin Martin and Bristol-boy Eats Everything to bring you a night of jaw-dropping basslines. Let’s be fair, there’s never a time you wouldn’t want to see Claude Von Stroke, and after hearing Justin Martin and Ardalan’s absolute stomper ‘Lezgo’ doing the rounds recently (watch the insane video); it’s difficult to think of a reason why you shouldn’t be dancing your arse off in Farringdon ’til silly-o-clock. And then we have the latest addition to the Dirtybird crew, Dan Pearce, aka Eats Everything, who I have never seen play a bad set. If you genuinely need more convincing then check out his Fabricmix and then get your ticket for the night and click ‘attending’ on the Facebook event.