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Welcome To The Weekend – London 28/2-3/3

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Hello Sports fans and Welcome to the Weekend! Your one stop shop to the wondrous things a happening this weekend. I hope you brought your dancing shoes! It may be getting cold and grey here in London, but these events are sure to keep things interesting.

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Review: Durrr Presents Breakbot at Village Underground

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Durrr Breakbot DecemberDear hot single girls of London,

Please consider this a Public Service Announcement: have you been wondering where all the beautiful boys of London are hiding? Sure you catch a glimpse here and there of these rare creatures, but is there anywhere you can find them altogether in one place? Some say in whispered tones that First Thursdays in east London is the place to go. Beautiful boys looking at art and drinking beer- swoon. Like shooting fish in a barrel they say.

Actually, the answer you’ve been waiting for is Durrr. Good-looking men as far as the eye could see. The best sausage-fest you could imagine yourself in the midst of. And the best bit is you know these boys must have exceptional taste in music.

Ah the music. Rory Philips, Durrr resident, played a great set, dropping classics like Quando Quango alongside current faves like Maceo Plex. It’s just a shame there weren’t more people dancing. Alas, such is the problem when there are so few girls in as large a venue as Village Underground. Next up was the secret live act which turned out to be Kindness. Considering both Breakbot and Tyler from Classixx said this was what they were most looking forward to of the whole evening…. it was only okay. But, they broke the number one rule: DON’T COVER FLEETWOOD MAC. So that’s always going to lose you points really. Plus, it seemed that everyone was just stood around, trying to look cool, as what can happen in Shoreditch. Luckily Breakbot took to the decks and livened things up again. Sadly, what with it being a schoolnight, Classixx were on a little late (2am!) so we had to give them a miss. However, having seen them before, we’re in no doubt they were awesome.

In summary, Durrr: a WIN for single girls.

Rachael Williams