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Tiga’s back y’all

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Like the title says Tiga’s back with a new track ‘Trust Your Body’ getting released this week on his label Turbo Recordings! The track was created with help with Finland’s own Jori Hulkkonen, one of the most underrated producers in the world! With just about two decades under his belt the man has become a living legend working with the likes of José González, Jesper Dahlbäck, Chromeo and a shit ton more!

He also has a pretty cool last name.

But wait there’s more…

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Gruesome Twosome alert

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This remix of ‘Love Game’ by Lady GaGa featuring Marilyn Manson was brought to my attention yesterday. Apparently, ‘they’ve been playing it loads on Radio 1’ – well as I listen to Magic 105.4 this has totally passed me by. And to be fair, I’m surprised Radio 1 would even play this, I mean it’s so not middle of the road. It’s almost… edgy.

I like it, but I hate it. A bit like Marilyn himself for that matter. At Download he was acting like a middle aged man, not the God of Fuck, what a let down!

Don’t you think they look kinda similar? Which makes this quote from Popcrunch even more vile.

When Marilyn watched GaGa passionately kiss a male model in the video clip for her new song “Paparazzi,” the 40-year-old musician moaned and said: “I’d like to be that guy. I’ll give you a cervical exam.”

That’s nearly as sexy as when a man stopped in me in the street when I was 17 and announced, ‘When I pull my foreskin over my head, I look like a welk.’ Errr, what’s a welk? Like really. What is it?

Lady GaGa ft Marilyn Manson – Love Game (Chew Fu Remix)

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