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The grand catch up – Part 3 of 3 (Mainly Electro / Dubstep / Anything)

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Thats my brain (only it's not that big)

blurrrgh. my head is fried from doing this. But at last it’s done!! Here’s part three of the grand catch up!!! Woohoo! Now, it was totally unintentional, but I reckon I saved the best ’til last. Most of these are electro – and most of them are fat. Enjoy!!! (I need a holiday now). 


Jafar & Touch What Is Love? (Poussez remix) -These guys are pals of mine – show ’em some support!-

AWOL One and Factor 02 Celebrate

The Chalets – Theme From The Chalets (Justiy Remix)

The Glitch Mob – Crush Mode -Badass dubstep mixtape!- 

Teengirl Fantasy – Portofino -fat downtempo techyness-

Cougar Stay Famous (Mike Ladd Remix)

My Summer As A Salvation Soldier – 03 Monuments

My Summer As A Salvation Soldier – Activism

Sorry It Hurt (Che Grande Finale Remix) -stomp-

Don Diablo – Disco Disco Disco (Don Diablo’s Drive by Disco remix)

B. Rich – Just Makes Me Wanna Dane (Justiy remix)

Linus Loves – Prom night (Don Diablo Remix)

Linus Loves – Prom night (BURNS remix) – fat – fat – fat –

Bassnectar – Land Of The Lupes

Crystal Fighters – Xstatic Truth (Kitch ‘n’ Sync remix) -mixmag single of the month winner, easy to see why-

Superpose – Queen Of The Night 

Superpose – Queen Of The Night (RRR Remix feat. Rabih)

Superpose Queen Of The Night (EDU K remix) -low slung, broody, techy, stomping-

Superpose – Queen Of The Night (Blood Shake Noize Remix) -hoover fest-

Oh Shit! feat Whiskey Pete – Pushin’ Harder (DJ Vanish remix) 

Oh Shit! feat Whiskey Pete – Pushin’ Harder (Audius Remix) -fat warbling bass-

John Denver – Sunshine On My Shoulders (Superpose Uglyedit)


Like I said in Part 1 and Part 2 – sorry to all of the bands, producers, managers and agencies that sent tunes to us. I would love to have done a single post for all of you with your pics and links etc but as there are so many tracks here that I simply don’t have the time to do so. Once all of these are up we will keep on top of our emails and take a good look at everything we’re sent. Also, for those who have sent us stuff and don’t see it up here – sorry again. Not all tunes/emails would download (probably my internet playing up) and as there were so many I didn’t wait around to try and see what was wrong – I just skipped to the next email.

Right – I’m off to party…