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When WANARB Met: Jamie Russell

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Space Hardware Placeholder

After some sly detective work on We Are Not A Rockband’s part led to us discovering that *amazing* Placeholder track Don’t U Know was scheduled for release on ‘Space Hardware’, a Hypercolour off-shoot label, we just knew we had to find out more about it all. With so little info out there we went straight to the horse’s mouth, label owner Jamie Russell. Currently partly responsible for Hypercolour, Glass Table, Losing Suki, and solely responsible for Sneaker Social Club and Space Hardware, in addition to DJing under the name Cedric Maison, to say Mr Russell is a busy man might be somewhat of an understatement. Luckily we managed to pin him down for one of hell of an epic, in-depth chat about his new venture and his new mysterious artist Placeholder…

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Introducing: pplaceholderr

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pplaceholderrIn this day and age it’s hard to retain an air of mystery. Most up-and-coming artists are clamouring for attention; desperate to be heard above the din of so much available music. Not so with the enigmatic pplaceholderr, who seems to be a bedroom producer somewhere in surburban America, who’s genuinely a bit shocked that people are liking his music on Facebook.

The thing is, his music is actually fucking beautiful. Standout track Don’t U Know has been remixed by Jacob Korn and found it’s way into Catz N Dogz record box and been played out live on Beatport’s Ustream as a result. Any fan of Catz N Dogz are well aware of their discerning music taste so it’s great they’ve introduced pplaceholderr to the right kind of audience, namely those who are likely to seek out new music as opposed to passively listening.

The music itself has a kind of Koreless, James Blake, Burial, type feel to it, but still something new and exciting enough to make you take notice. The type of music that someone would stick the word “future” in front of a genre just so they were able to describe it.

It’s testament to pplaceholderr’s talent that he confines himself to Soundcloud and Twitter, eschewing Facebook because he “feel[s]¬†like that would be a bit self indulgent” and yet has been getting recognition and support without having played shows. Promoters reading this: BOOK HIM BEFORE ANYONE ELSE DOES.

pplaceholderr – Don’t U Know

Don’t U Know is due for release in early 2012 (hopefully Februrary, according to the man himself) on Space Hardware, a new side-label from UK-based label Hypercolour. It’ll be their first release, on both digital and vinyl. It’ll include the Jacob Korn remix plus another track, Brothers. Definitely one that’ll be worth the wait.

pplaceholderr – Brothers

Rachael Williams